List of Android 8.0 Oreo Custom ROMs for Popular Devices – Find Your Update! [Updated: 10/25]

List of Android 8.0 Oreo Custom ROMs for Popular Devices – Find Your Update! [Updated: 10/25]

Android 8.0 Oreo is more than a week old, and so far, we’ve really dug into everything we could lay our hands on. This update to Android may be considered incremental in nature, but that in no way diminishes the improvements it brings to the table. But unless you have a Google Pixel device or a currently supported Nexus, there’s a very good chance that you will have to wait for a few months to have your OEM send across the latest dessert onto your phone.

But of course, this is XDA-Developers, home to the largest community collection of Custom ROMs. While OEMs are restricted by several factors which limit their ability to provide a timely update (which Project Treble hopes to mitigate), our community members can do a fantastic job at giving other enthusiasts a chance to try out the latest dessert on their phone, right now. Granted, the early works from enthusiast developers working with broken (and often non-existent) official resources does not give us bug-free ROMs. But they do highlight how groups of like-minded individuals can achieve something when they put their minds to it.


With the large amount of unofficial builds of Android 8.0 Oreo and LineageOS 15 builds rolling in, we felt it would be a good idea to create a big list of devices that have unofficial ports available for them. Do note that these are unofficial builds and will very likely contain bugs and may be unusable as daily drivers. Please read the OP of each linked thread as well as the first few posts so you know the current status of each build.

Article changelog:

  • 10/25: Added Samsung Galaxy Core Prime, MeMOPAD10 FHD, HTC 10

List of Android Oreo (Android 8.0) Unofficial Ports – Constantly Updated!














Miscellaneous Devices

Android Oreo has been around for just a few weeks, and we already bear witness to the OS reaching devices which would likely otherwise never see the update at all. So if you see a device you own in the list, be sure to head on over and drop in a thanks to the developers who volunteer their free time to ensure users like you don’t miss out.

Keep in mind that this not a comprehensive list of all existing ‘first’ Android 8.0 Oreo builds for all devices. We’ve tried to restrict ourselves to devices where bootable builds were publicly available. But because of the sheer number of device subforums that we support, it is not possible to remain completely up-to-date on the status of Android Oreo for every device.

So we ask you, our readers and forum dwellers, to help populate this list. If there is a device that has an Android Oreo build but is not on the list, please let us know in the comments down below! Be sure to link us to the relevant thread where a publicly available download link is present and the Android 8.0 ROM boots as a bare minimum.

Please do mention a link! We merely link to existing threads, so if the thread can not be found, it is unlikely to appear here.

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