Google Every upcoming/unreleased Android smartphone and tablet we’re monitoring

Every upcoming/unreleased Android smartphone and tablet we’re monitoring

Android smartphone and tablet leaks can be exciting, but there are so many new devices on the horizon that it can be a real headache to keep up with them all. There’s the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Google Pixel 3, Nokia 9, Sony Xperia XZ3, Huawei Mate 20, and Motorola One Power just to name a few. From what I can see, there are over 100 upcoming devices from major device makers such as Google, Huawei, LG, Nokia, Samsung, and Xiaomi. To wrap my own mind around the confusing mess of smartphone leaks and to help others who have trouble keeping up with all of the rumors, I’ve put together several tables sorted by brand of every upcoming/unreleased Android smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch.


This data comes from numerous sources such as carrier documents, firmware dumps, regulatory bodies like the U.S. FCC, Chinese TENAA, CCC, and others, and finally rumors sourced from credible publications. We ignored benchmark leaks and posts from Chinese social media site Weibo when compiling this list. This list is comprised of some devices you may have seen or heard of before, but there are also some that have never appeared anywhere else. We can’t guarantee that every device on this list will eventually be released, but we doubt the list of abandoned devices among this list will be very long. Without further ado, here is XDA’s master list of upcoming Android devices.


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
2003 Unknown
2053 Unknown
3076D Unknown


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
BBH100-1/BBG100-1 BlackBerry KEY2 LE (Lite)


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
PH-2 Essential Phone 2 (reportedly canceled)


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
blueline Google Pixel 3
crosshatch Google Pixel 3 XL
ling Unknown, but reportedly one of three Google Pixel smartwatches
sardine Unknown, but reportedly one of three Google Pixel smartwatches
triton Unknown, but reportedly one of three Google Pixel smartwatches


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
2Q6E100/2Q6E200 Unknown, but possibly HTC U12 Life


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
ARE-AL00/ARE-AL10/ARE-L22/ARE-L22I Unknown
CMB-AL20 Unknown
HMA-AL00/HMA-L09/HMA-L29/HMA-TL00 Huawei Mate 20
JSN-AL00/JSN-AL00a/JSN-AL10/JSN-L21/JSN-L22/JSN-L23/JSN-L4/JSN-TL00 Unknown
LLD-L22 Honor 9 Lite Pro (according to firmware, a variant of the Honor 9i which recently launched in India as the Honor 9N)
LYA-AL00/LYA-L09/LYA-L29 Unknown
SNE-AL00/SNE-AL00B/SNE-LX1/SNE-LX2/SNE-LX3/SNE-TL00 Huawei Mate 20 Lite
TNY-AL00/TNY-TL00 Unknown
Unknown Huawei MediaPad T5 10 Pro
Unknown Huawei MediaPad C5


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
K350t Unknown
L78051 Unknown


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
cv5a_tmo_us_sprout T-Mobile USA LG Q7 Android One edition
storm LG V40 ThinQ


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
Unknown Meizu 16
Unknown Meizu 16 Plus
Unknown Meizu M8 Note
Unknown Meizu M8C Lite
Unknown Meizu Meilan A8
Unknown Meizu Meilan Note 8
Unknown Meizu Meilan X8


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
Q405 Unknown
Q440 Lite Micromax Bharat 4 Lite
Q443 Unknown


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
XT1941/XT1942 Motorola One Power
XT1943 Motorola One


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
TA-1080/TA-1084/TA-1086/TA-1092/TA-1093 Unknown
TA-1085 Unknown
TA-1095 Unknown
TA-1097 Unknown
TA-1102/TA-1120 Unknown
TA-1104 Unknown
TA-1113 Unknown
TA-1117 Unknown
TA-1118 Unknown
Unknown Nokia 9


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
CPH1803/CPH1805 OPPO A3s
CPH1809 Unknown
CPH1811 Unknown
CPH1823 OPPO F9 Pro
CPH1825/CPH1881 OPPO F9
CPH1829 OPPO A2 Pro
CPH1851 OPPO Ax5/OPPO R15 Neo
CPH1853 Unknown
CPH1855 OPPO F9 Pro
CPH1869 Unknown
CPH1871 Unknown
CPH1873 Unknown
CPH1875 Unknown
PAAM01/PAAT01 Unknown
PAEM00/PAET00 Unknown
PACT20/PACM20 Unknown
PAGM00/PAGT00 Unknown
PAHM00 Unknown
PBAM10/PBAM11 Unknown
PBAT10 Unknown
PBBM00/PBBT00 Unknown
PBCT00/PBCM00 Unknown
PBDM00/PBDT00 Unknown
PBEM00/PBET00 Unknown
RMX1801 Unknown
RMX1803 Unknown


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
RZ35-0259 Razer Phone 2


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
beyond0 Samsung Galaxy S10 (5.8-inch model with 1 rear camera)
beyond1 Samsung Galaxy S10 (5.8-inch model with 2 rear cameras)
beyond2 Samsung Galaxy S10+ (6.44-inch model with 3 rear cameras)
grandppirislte Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Plus (2018)
gta2xl Samsung Galaxy Tab A2 XL
gtaxlad Samsung Galaxy Tab Advanced 2 XL
lugelte Possibly the Samsung Galaxy X (which might release as the Samsung Galaxy F)
SM-J605 Samsung Galaxy J6+
SM-C8100 Samsung Galaxy C8 (2018)
SM-C9158 Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus
SM-J260 Samsung Galaxy J2 Core
SM-J550 Samsung Galaxy J5 (2018)
SM-N9600/SM-N9608/SM-N960U/SM-N960U1/SM-N960F/SM-N960FD/SM-N960W Samsung Galaxy Note 9
SM-T830 Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
Unknown Samsung Galaxy Watch


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
Unknown Sharp Aquos B10
Unknown Sharp Aquos C10
Unknown Sharp Aquos D10


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
H3413/H3423 Unknown
H4413/H4433/H4493 Possibly Sony Xperia XA3
H9436/H9493 Unknown
Unknown Sony Xperia XZ3


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
1730 Unknown
V1732BA/V1732BT Unknown
Unknown Vivo V7+ Lite
Unknown Vivo V81 Prime
Unknown Vivo Y87
Unknown Vivo Y89
Unknown Vivo V9 Pro
Unknown Vivo X23


Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
comet Unknown, possibly abandoned Xiaomi device with Snapdragon 710
-E1S “equuleus” Unknown flagship Xiaomi device with Snapdragon 845, possibly Xiaomi Mi Mix 3
lilium Unknown
M1803D2TE (“platina”) Unknown Xiaomi device with Snapdragon 636/660
M1803E6SE/M1803E6SG/M1803E6SI/M1803E6ST Unknown
M1805D1SH Unknown, possibly related to the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite
M1805E2C/M1805E2G Unknown
M1805E10A/M1805E10E Unknown, possibly the Xiaomi Pocophone F1
M1806D9PE Unknown, possibly related to the Xiaomi Mi Pad 4
M1806E7TC/M1806E7TE/M1806E7TG/M1806E7TH/M1806E7TI/M1806E7TS/M1806E7TT Unknown, possibly the Xiaomi Redmi Note 6
M1807E8A/M1807E8C/M1807E8T Unknown, possibly the Xiaomi Mi Note 4
M1808D2TC/M1808D2TE/M1808D2TG/M1808D2TI/M1808D2TS/M1808D2TT Unknown
M1808E20A/M1808E20C/M1808E20T Unknown
M1809D1TC/M1809D1TE/M1809D1TG/M1809D1TI/M1809D1TT Unknown
M1810E5A/M1810E5C/M1810E5E/M1810E5T Unknown
M1810F6C/M1810F6E/M1810F6G/M1810F6I/M1810F6T Unknown
tulip Unknown, possibly abandoned Xiaomi Redmi device with Snapdragon 636/660
Unknown Xiaomi Mi 6s


3 months ago, ZTE was barred from doing business with certain American firms—a move which crippled the company. The ban has since been lifted, but there’s no guarantee that ZTE will focus on their smartphones.

Model Number/Code-name Marketing Name/Details
A0722 Unknown
Unknown ZTE Axon 9
Unknown ZTE Axon 9 Pro
Unknown ZTE Blade A4
Unknown ZTE Blade A7
Unknown ZTE Blade A7 Vita
Unknown ZTE Blade Z1
V0910 Unknown
V0930 Unknown
V0950 Unknown

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