Live Activities will support game scores from the MLB, NBA, and English Premier League

Live Activities will support game scores from the MLB, NBA, and English Premier League

A couple of weeks ago, Apple released iOS 16 beta 4. For the first time, Apple gave developers the tools they need to create their own Live Activities. While third-party developers will undoubtedly find creative ways to populate the Lock Screen, Apple has already given us a small glimpse of what’s to come.

With Live Activities, users can stay up to date in real-time, glancing at dynamic spaces that can populate with sports scores, workout stats, ride-share information, food deliveries, and more. The new UI breathes life into some of Apple’s staples — like its music player. It gives it the ability to expand from just a simple mini player into a full-screen experience, showcasing beautiful album art.


Live Activities being shown off on three different screens

While Apple did tease that Live Activities would support sports scores of ongoing games, we now get a little nugget of information regarding some of the tie-ins that will arrive when it launches. MacRumors combed through some of the fine print on the iOS 16 features page and found that Apple now has partnerships with the English Premier League, Major League Baseball, and the National Basketball Association to offer updated scores and play-by-plays of games and events. Live Activities should be a seamless interaction, mainly because the information can be accessed at a glance from the Lock Screen. Furthermore, if Live Activities aren’t present, they can be pulled up using Spotlight Search.

Live Activities three different widgets

Despite Live Activities looking somewhat like traditional widgets, the backend is quite different, running in its own sandbox. Instead of relying on a timeline mechanism, Live Activities will receive updates through push notifications or will utilize the ActivityKit framework. Furthermore, these data packets are small and must come in at under 4KB. Live Activities are shaping up to be an exciting part of the iOS 16 update. Though, the feature unfortunately won’t arrive in time for the public debut of the OS. Apple states that it will arrive in an update later this year.

In spite of this, there should be plenty to get excited about, as the Lock Screen has gotten some pretty dramatic changes with a complete visual overhaul. It now supports different fonts and colors, depth effects, and richer customizations. Going forward, notifications will be revealed from the bottom of the display in three new ways — an expanded list view, a hidden view, or a stacked view. Additionally, more work has been put into Focus — a mode that toggles settings for better concentration when needed. With the iOS 16 update, users can now take Focus further, customizing and coordinating the Lock Screen with new visuals, app settings, and notification preferences.

Despite Apple showing off a lot of iOS 16, there might be some surprises left. Perhaps it will create quite a stir in the community, much like it did with the introduction of the battery indicator in iOS 16 beta 5.

Source: MacRumors

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