Live Photo of the Alleged LG V30 Reaffirms Previous Leaks

Live Photo of the Alleged LG V30 Reaffirms Previous Leaks

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As we get closer to the launch date of the LG V30, we’re starting to learn more about the upcoming device. LG really has been going all in on the V series since its launch with the LG V10 and they don’t seem to be cutting any corners this year either. A new leak seems to indicate that the previous LG V30 rumors we’ve reported on in the past are all true. It also shows that LG is going full steam ahead with their 2:1 FullVision display as well.

LG’s G series seemed to be one that was aimed at the mass market. One that didn’t take too many liberties when it came to the design so that it could appeal to the highest number of people. The LG V series though, that was marketed as a device for an enthusiast of smartphones, audio quality and even video capabilities. However, previous renders of the LG V30 and now this live photo shows that the company’s new smartphone is taking a lot of design cues from the LG G6.

This is an interesting move from the company too since the average customer tends to put a lot of emphasis on that aspect. It’s possible that the dropped price of the LG G6 due to age will still attract more mainstream customers than the brand new LG V30, but only time will tell. There are some subtle differences between the LG G6 and the LG V30, but the main differences will be about the hardware used inside the device.

LG V30

LG has talked about the improved haptic feedback of their new phone as well as the floating bar software feature. The display will be a bit bigger and will also have a slimmer top and bottom bezel as well. This will put it more in line with what Samsung is offering with the Galaxy S8+ and the Galaxy Note 8.

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