LiveView Being Reverse Engineered and Redesigned

LiveView Being Reverse Engineered and Redesigned

For those who don’t know what the LiveView is, it is a bluetooth Android assistant that allows you to remote control your phone from it’s interface. This very unique gadget isn’t the most well known device in the world, but there’s still development on it going on.

XDA Junior Member archivator, XDA Senior Member boombuler and XDA Recognized Developer pedrodh have begun working together along with other contributors to reverse engineer the bluetooth protocol so they can redesign the plugins and menu system more to their liking.

The group is making substantial progress and are working with system pulls and a Github to get everything working and have even released a few modified apk files and the developers are working on several things. Here’s pedrodh’s most recent progress report:

You can go there ( ) and check the README, and I’ve compiled and attached an APK so you guys can test for yourselves without having to clone the repo and compile . Right now that APK only asks for connecting with the device (has to be paired first of course) and then sends a Vibrate command to the LiveView. There’s more commands done in the source then just that but the functionality has not yet received a dedicated UI since the whole thing is on a very early stage.

and here’s boombuler’s most recent work:

I attached the current state of work 😉
An App with two buttons. LED + Vibrate and also a hopefully stable bluetooth connection.
If anyone test it and have connection issue please send me a logcat!

Next step will be to implement the Menu-Messages to send icons etc. We making good progress and more help with the project would be nice so if anyone is interested just fork and / or message!

If you have a LiveView and want to try out the new stuff or keep tabs on the project, you can find all the information in the original thread. You may have to go to pages 2 and 3 for all the download links, but they are all there. Additionally, for any developers who want to help, everyone who’s maintaining a Github has made it available for anyone who wants to give it a shot.

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