LlabTooFeR Leaks System Images for Pixel and Pixel XL

LlabTooFeR Leaks System Images for Pixel and Pixel XL

With the retail release of the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL fast approaching, it was only a matter of time before the system images started popping up.

Earlier today, well known HTC leaker LlabTooFeR posted the system images for the Pixel and Pixel XL, both of which are manufactured by HTC.

While it is not possible to test these images yet, LlabTooFeR assures that they are the final versions of the images that will be installed on the retail devices, and reminds people “that these images are for Developers only, you cannot install them on any existing devices” other than the upcoming Pixel phones.

The MEGA links for the system images for the Pixel (Sailfish) and Pixel XL (Marlin) (which contain the kernel boot.img, the apk and jar files in the system.img partition, and odex files in the system_other.img partition) can be found here, and the build information is as follows:

Pixel (Sailfish)Pixel XL (Marlin)
ro.build.descriptionsailfish-user 7.1 NDE63H 3256426 release-keysmarlin-user 7.1 NDE63H 3256426 release-keys
ro.build.fingerprintgoogle/sailfish/sailfish:7.1/ NDE63H/3256426:user/release-keysgoogle/marlin/marlin:7.1/ NDE63H/3256426:user/release-keys
 Download Pixel (Sailfish) Pixel XL (Marlin)

We’ve separated out the APK for the launcher for easy installation on existing devices. Be sure to install it as a system app to get the Google Now leftmost tab.

Source: llabtoofer.com

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