Locate and Identify Website Visitors with IPStack

Locate and Identify Website Visitors with IPStack

Anyone who owns a website knows how important it is to have information about your visitors. Knowing where your visitors come from can help websites aim content to their viewers. Websites can also use the information to show content in the language of the visitor, show the local currency, and more. This is where ipstack comes into play.

ipstack is an API that uses a series of connected internet providers to provide geographical data. The API can output real-time information about your visitor’s locations. This data can be downloaded in JSON or XML formats for viewing. Not only is this information valuable for adjusting the experience for your visitor’s location, but it can also make websites more secure. ipstack cand detect threats from risky IP address and keep your site safe.

ipstack is composed of 5 different modules (depending on your plan):

  • Location Module – Use ipstack’s extensive set of localization data to implement geographic restrictions on your site, optimize ad targeting or deliver user experiences customized based on the location of your website visitors.
  • Currency Module – Get instant and accurate information about the primary currency used in the location returned for the processed IP address and deliver a tailored shopping experience to your customers.
  • Time Zone Module – Find out about the time zone your users are located in without the need for them to fill out any forms, and act accordingly based on the time-related metadata returned by the ipstack API.
  • Connection Module – Make use of valuable information about the ASN and the hostname of the ISP your website visitors are using.
  • Security Module – Protect your site and web application and always be a step ahead of potential threats to your business by detecting proxies, crawlers or tor users at first glance.

Getting Started

Getting started with ipstack is as easy as creating an account. Simply go to the website and click “Get free API key.” You’ll be guided through the process of creating a free account and getting your API key. This API key can then be used in the target URL.


You would put the desired IP address in the correct space and add your API key in the correct space as well. You can look up multiple IP addresses by separating them with a comma in the target URL.


The free version of ipstack includes 10,000 requests, the basic location module, and limited support. The Basic plan bumps requests up to 50,000 and adds the Currency module, Time Zone module, Connection module, SSL encryption, and premium support for $9.99 per month. The Professional plan includes 5000,000 requests and adds bulk endpoint for $49.99 per month.

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