“Lock Me Out” is a more powerful version of Digital Wellbeing’s Focus Mode

“Lock Me Out” is a more powerful version of Digital Wellbeing’s Focus Mode

Last year, we highlighted an app called “Lock Me Out” that aimed to help reduce your smartphone use. Since then, “digital wellbeing” has become a big part of every smartphone platform, and Google has even made it mandatory for OEMs to include in their software. That doesn’t make third-party alternatives useless, though, as they may still offer features that aren’t available in the stock software. That’s why Lock Me Out is still under active development and has received many updates since we first covered it, and to celebrate the latest release, the developer is offering promo codes for XDA readers.


Google recently added a “Focus Mode” to its own Digital Wellbeing app, and Lock Me Out is essentially a more powerful version of that feature. But that’s not all it does. There are three lockout modes to choose from: blocked apps, allowed apps, and lock screen only. You can also setup lockouts based on location, screen time, opened apps, and more. If you require some hardcore enforcement of lockouts, you can even require payment to get out.

The app is now on version 5.2.1, up from version 4.0.4 when we previously covered it. Here’s a highlight of the most important new features added to the app since we last covered it:

  • Lockout modes: blocked apps, allowed apps, lockscreen only
  • Usage statistics (total screen time, time spent in apps, app opens, unlocks, DND time, averages)
  • Lockout based on location
  • Set DND/silent ringer during lockout
  • Usage-based lockouts based on-screen time in specific apps, or number of times apps opened
  • Multiple usage-based lockouts with enforcement schedule
  • Multiple one-time lockouts
  • Emergency access option during lockouts
  • Paid exit option during lockouts
  • Revamped UI
  • Info dialogs for each section of the app
  • All lockout modes are free (free version limited to 3 blocked apps / 5 allowed apps / 5 enabled lockouts)

Visit the developer’s forum thread if you have any questions or want to leave feedback. The second post in the thread has an extensive changelog for each version so you can see how the app has evolved in the past year.

Lock Me Out XDA Forum Thread

The developer of Lock Me Out has given us 10 promo codes to give to XDA readers! Check the comments below to find the codes!

Update: All the codes have been used.

Lock Me Out: App Blocker
Developer: TEQTIC
Price: Free

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