Lock Screen Note Taking Rolling out in Chrome OS Dev Channel

Lock Screen Note Taking Rolling out in Chrome OS Dev Channel

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Back in July a commit was discovered that hinted about Chrome OS receiving a note taking feature directly from the lock screen. Then, late last month we found that the company had made progress on this feature and it seemed like it would be enabled in the near future. Now, we have learned that the lock screen note taking feature from within Chrome OS is now possible as long as you are on the developer channel of Google’s operating system.

This timing matches perfectly as more and more people are getting their hands on the new Google Pixelbook laptop. The i7 variant is still not available and Google still has it listed as “coming soon,” but both of the i5 models have been available for purchase in the Google Store since the company’s hardware launch event last month. The Pixelbook comes with an optional stylus that costs an extra $100, so it makes sense that Google would want to implement the feature as soon as possible.

The Pixelbook isn’t the only device that comes with a stylus accessory either. As more Chrome OS devices are released with an included (or optional) stylus, then more people will looking for a feature like this. As mentioned, you can access this feature directly from the lock screen so you don’t even have to unlock your device to start taking notes. As shown in the video above, you’ll see paper icon in the top right corner so when you tap it, the note taking screen appears as your lock screen page disappears.

As of right now, the notes you take on here will be stored directly on the default notes application for Chrome OS. It’s unclear if Google will let you change this to the Google Keep Android application or other alternative applications or services in the future.