Add Lock Screen Widgets on Android Nougat with an Xposed Module

Add Lock Screen Widgets on Android Nougat with an Xposed Module

Ever since we announced the arrival of official Xposed Framework for Nougat earlier this week, many members of the XDA community have been wondering which modules they should try out. Today, we would like to mention one such module that has just recently been updated with Xposed for Android Nougat support: “Lock Screen Widgets.”

Lock Screen Widgets, as the name indicates, is an Xposed Module that allows you to add widgets to your lock screen. XDA Member SergioSanchezR, the developer responsible for Lock Screen Widgets, bundled the application with certain standard lock screen modifications, and some”bonus” modifications as well.


The standard modifications

Among the standard modifications are mods to change the top padding for the notifications displayed on the lock screen, hide the date and/or clock, hide the status bar, and hide the “upcoming alarms” list.

In addition, one can add any number of widgets to the lock screen. These widgets are the same widgets that can be added to your home screen launcher, though take note that your lock screen has much less room to work with. Each widget has their own horizontal space and all the widgets are tiled vertically right above the clock on the lock screen.

Once you’ve added a widget, there are a few options for each individual widget you can peruse. For instance, you can make the widget a clickable instance, edit and change the sizes, and change the gravity, and change the padding as well.

The “bonus” modifications

One can utilize the mods in this section to change the background color of notifications, hide the bottom bar off of the lock screen altogether, and set a custom value for the container’s gravity—moving it to either the top or the very bottom.

Get Lock Screen Widgets Xposed Module

The app can be a bit overwhelming at first glance given how many options there are, however the community has put together some tutorials (such as a tutorial for Zooper Widgets, a tutorial to add two widgets per row, and a tutorial to activate scrolling of the widget list) over on our forums. You might not want to miss them.

We confirmed that this module works on the official Xposed for Android Nougat ourselves. Specifically, we tested it on the OnePlus 5 running OxygenOS.

How has your experience with Xposed’s modules’ enhancements been in the past? Let us know how you feel about “Lock Screen Widgets” as well!

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