Lockscreen Widgets lets you add widgets to your Android lockscreen

Lockscreen Widgets lets you add widgets to your Android lockscreen

Even in 2020 Android devices running Android 10 can party like it’s 1999 2013 with Lockscreen Widgets by XDA Recognized Developer/Contributor Zachary Wander (Zacharee1). As the name suggests, the app restores the ability from Android 4.4 KitKat and before to add widgets to the Android lockscreen. It works on any Android device running Android 5.1 Lollipop and later!

After installing the app and opening it, it’ll walk you through some tutorial screens and prompt you to grant accessibility and notification access permissions. No personal data is collected so it’s safe to grant those permissions. The Accessibility Service privilege is necessary to grant as it’s what allows the app to display an overlay on top of the lockscreen. The notification listener privilege is only needed if you want the app to hide the widget whenever notifications are displayed.


Then once you’ve granted those permissions, go to your lockscreen and you’ll see a “+” sign, which opens the list of available widgets when you tap on it. After adding a widget, you can also resize it, move it around, or remove it when you open the editor by pressing on the widget with two fingers simultaneously. If you add multiple widgets, you’ll be able to simply swipe right or left between them. If you want to add even more widgets, simply swipe the widget carousal until you reach the last page—the + button will always be there.

In the gallery below you can see screenshots that show the Google News widget on the lockscreen. These screenshots were made on our OPPO Find X2 Pro running ColorOS 7.1, but the app was also tested on a Google Pixel 4 running Android 10 and a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 running One UI 2.0 based on Android 10 and a OnePlus 6T running OxygenOS 10 based on Android 10.

You can also choose to make the background of the lockscreen widget opaque in case you want to overlay parts of the original lockscreen. You can also enable the aforementioned ability to hide the widget frame when you have a pending notification, though this requires that you enable the app’s notification listener.

You can read more about Lockscreen Widgets in the dedicated forum thread or peruse the source code in the app’s GitHub repository. The app normally sets you back $1.49 but we have 50 promotional codes to give away, courtesy of the developer. We will be posting these codes 10 at a time in the comments section on each hour. To redeem a code, open the Google Play Store then select “Redeem” at the bottom of the sidebar menu.

Update (5:25 PM EST): All the codes have been distributed, but you can still download the app for $1.49 from the Play Store link below!

Lockscreen Widgets
Developer: Zachary Wander
Price: $1.49

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