Get the Logitech 4K Pro Webcam for $40 off today

Get the Logitech 4K Pro Webcam for $40 off today

Webcams were incredibly difficult to buy throughout most of 2020, and some of 2021, but stock has now stabilized to the point where there are actual sales on webcams again. Now you can get the Logitech 4K Pro Webcam for $159.99 at multiple retailers — a discount of $40 from the usual price.

This webcam captures DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) video at 30FPS, though you’ll need a free USB 3.0 port or better to reach full quality. The camera can also operate at 1080p at 30/60FPS, and 720p at 30/60/90FPS, giving you plenty of options for recording at normal or high frame rates. There are also two omnidirectional microphones designed to hear clear audio from “up to 3.3 feet away,” though you’ll probably still get the best possible audio quality by using a dedicated microphone.

    This is one of the best options for a desktop webcam right now.

The camera can be positioned at angles of 65, 78, and 90 degrees, and there’s a built-in privacy cover to hide the webcam’s view at any time. Like most webcams, it can be positioned on top of a monitor with the built-in clip, or you can place it on a tripod with a standard 1/4″-20 tripod mount. That gives you plenty of options for changing the angle or position that other people see in video calls.

Normal video and audio recording works on any PC running Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. However, if you happen to use Windows 10 or 11, the Logitech 4K Pro Webcam can also be configured as a Windows Hello login method for easy Face ID-like authentication on your PC.

If the Logitech 4K Pro Webcam is a bit too pricey, check out our roundup of the best webcams. We’ve compiled some of the top options for every use case and price point from a variety of manufacturers, including Logitech, Microsoft, Dell, and Lenovo. Thankfully, now that millions more people are working remotely, there are more options than ever for a quality webcam.

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