Get the Logitech C920X webcam for just $60 right now

Get the Logitech C920X webcam for just $60 right now

The COVID-19 pandemic led to shortages for many different products, and due to the sudden rise in working from home, webcams were especially hard to buy for a while. Thankfully, prices have more or less stabilized, though webcams are still generally a bit more expensive than they were in 2019 and earlier. Now you can get the Logitech C920X HD Pro webcam for $59.99 again, which matches the lowest price for the webcam this year.

This is one of many variations on Logitech’s C920 webcam, with 1080p video support at 30FPS, stereo audio input with dual microphones, autofocus, and a 78-degree Field of View (FoV). You can also set the camera to record at 720p @ 60FPS, if you need smoother video more than you need the highest possible resolution.

    This is a good basic 1080p webcam that works with just about any PC.

This camera is built to work with the Logitech Capture desktop application, which is available for Mac and Windows (sorry, Linux users and Chromebook owners). You can use Logitech Capture to change the camera’s settings (such as the recording mode and manual focus), as well as setting custom borders and other options. However, you can’t replace your background with any image or video — you’ll have to rely on your video chat application for that, or use the included three-month trial of XSplit VCam.

Even though the Logitech Capture application isn’t available on all platforms, the Logitech C920x camera itself works with just about any computer available. It’s officially compatible with Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS, and some Android applications can also use external webcams connected with USB.

If this isn’t quite the camera you’re looking for, head on over to our best webcams roundup, where we’ve listed some of the top webcam options you can get right now (barring supply shortages). Now that tech companies are finally interested in developing webcams again, which apparently required a global pandemic to happen, there are more options than ever.

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