Need a new mouse? Look no further than Logitech and their Black Friday sales

Need a new mouse? Look no further than Logitech and their Black Friday sales

So last week, I started having problems with my Roccat mouse, with the left mouse button not always recognizing me holding it down. It’s more than a small problem (I need to be able to highlight things!) and only the latest of frustrations I’ve had with the mouse in the six months I had it. Being a commerce writer with Black Friday quickly approaching, I couldn’t really afford to have a faulty mouse slowing me down. So who did I turn to for my new mouse? Logitech, of course!

I’ve been continuously impressed with Logitech’s gaming-focused line of products recently. My G533 headset is still doing wonderfully (and is still $66 on Amazon), and many of my PC gaming, tech-savvy friends have been making the switch to Logitech recently. So when my mouse started dying, I went to Logitech first for a replacement. And wouldn’t you know it, all sorts of Logitech mice are on sale. It’s almost as if there’s an event going on or something!


The crown item of the Black Friday discounts is the Logitech G502 Hero, one of the company’s higher-end mice. It’s currently 50% off, bringing it down from the $80 MRSP to just $40. That’s pretty great! The Logitech G502 offers a high-end 25K sensor, eleven programmable buttons, and you can even adjust the weight of the mouse exactly to your specifications. In short, it’s a pretty crazy device.

    Do you want a high-end gaming mouse that performs well? The Logitech G503 Hero will be the mouse to grab for Black Friday. Featuring eleven programmable buttons, adjustable weights, and more, you can tweak this mouse to your exact needs. It's currently half off at Amazon!

Despite how cool the G502 is, though, that’s not actually the mouse I bought. I don’t really need all those extra bells and whistles, so instead, I went with the Logitech G203 Lightsync mouse. It’s a very simple gaming mouse that is wired, light, but still offers a DPI button and two other programmable buttons. The RGB inside the mouse is also great and the white matches my keyboard and PC case!

The black and white versions of the mouse are, of course, on sale… for the shockingly low price of $15! I haven’t had the mouse for too long yet, but I’ve really been enjoying how it feels while I’m working and gaming. If you want something more minimal, this is a perfect mouse for you.

    If you prefer a more minimalist mouse, the Logitech G203 Lightsync mouse will fit your needs. This mouse is simple, with two programmable buttons, but it still feels great, and is only $15.

Looking for some other computer accessories? Check out the Logitech Store on Amazon!

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