The fantastic Logitech G533 gaming headset is just $66, one of its lowest prices yet

The fantastic Logitech G533 gaming headset is just $66, one of its lowest prices yet

If you are following my deal round-up posts, then you know I love the Logitech G533 gaming headset. Going on sale for half off at a time that my old gaming headset was dying, the G533 was a godsend, being a wireless headset that worked properly and didn’t randomly change the volume on me. I’ve been using them for about a month now and have had next to no issues with them. They’re comfortable, don’t lose the Bluetooth connection when I head to the kitchen to grab a drink, and they last a long time without needing a recharge.

I’m pretty picky about my headsets, too. I wear glasses and have sensitive ears, so a lot of headsets I’ve picked up either pinch my glasses in an uncomfortable way or made my ears ache after a couple of hours. It’s not the best experience when gaming or watching movies. My last headset did the job for a few years, but eventually, they fell apart and the volume knob became too easy to jostle around.


I knew I couldn’t pick up a cheap headset again, but one perk of being a Deals Guru is that I can usually find what I’m looking for at a discount… with the added bonus that I can then tell you about the same deal and we all benefit. So when I initially saw the Logitech G533 headset, I knew I found a winner and needed everyone to know about it.

When I picked the Logitech G533s up last month, they were $75, half off the MSRP. Now, they’re even lower, and you can grab this quality headset for just $66. I thought it was well worth the price at $75, but you really can’t argue with saving even more! I’m not the only one that likes this headset, either, as it sports a four-star rating on Amazon.

    Stop messing with headset wires. Logitech's wireless G533 headset is only $66, and this is a quality buy. With comfortable ear cups, great sound, and a long battery life, these will not disappoint.

Amazon is currently saying the Logitech G533s won’t be in stock again until the 29th, but put your order in now, relax, and they’ll be at your doorstep pretty soon.

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