Logitech’s excellent G502 Lightspeed and G203 gaming mice are on sale

Logitech’s excellent G502 Lightspeed and G203 gaming mice are on sale

Logitech produces some of the best PC accessories around, including keyboards, mice, headsets, microphones, and more. The company is perhaps best known for its computer mice, and now two of its gaming-oriented models are on sale. The wireless Logitech G502 is on sale for $99.99, a savings of $50 from the original price (though it usually goes for ~$120), and the cheaper wired Logitech G203 is discounted to $19.99, around $10 below the usual price.

The Logitech G502 Lightspeed is one of the best gaming mice around, with a 25K DPI sensor, configurable weights, an RGB light on the Logitech logo, wireless connectivity (with the included wireless adapter), textured rubber grips, tilted left/right buttons, a “hyper-fast” scroll wheel, and a total of 11 programmable buttons (including the two main left/right buttons). Logitech’s desktop software is used to set macros, RGB lighting pattern, and other options. If you buy the PowerPlay mousepad, the mouse can even charge while you use it without any cables — otherwise, you just have to plug it in with the included microUSB cable every now and then.

    This high-end gaming mouse has a 25K DPI sensor and low-latency wireless.
    This budget mouse has an 8K DPI sensor and RGB lights.

The Logitech G203 is a budget gaming mouse, but it still has a surprising number of features given its $20 price tag. It’s not wireless, but it still has programmable buttons, customizable RGB lights, an 8K DPI sensor, and an ambidextrous design. Logitech even managed to include on-board memory in the G203, so your RGB and macro settings will continue working even after you switch computers.

Even though I don’t use Logitech’s gaming mice anymore (I’ve been on a Logitech MX Vertical for a few years now), I loved my G402 gaming mouse back in the day, and the G502 is an upgraded version with wireless support. If you need a replacement for your aging/broken mouse, or if you’re on the hunt for holiday gifts, both the G502 and G203 are excellent options.

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