LogMeOnce lets you access your accounts with just a selfie

LogMeOnce lets you access your accounts with just a selfie

Good passwords are difficult to remember. Perhaps that’s why half of us reuse passwords for multiple online accounts. Using a password manager is one way to lighten the mental burden, but most still require a master password. LogMeOnce Password Manager is different — this platform lets you log in to your favorite sites using a second device, and encrypt your data for better security. You can get one year on the Professional Plus plan now for just $9.99 at the XDA Developers Depot.


It would be fairer to describe LogMeOnce as a multi-talented security suite rather than a humble password app. Available on all major platforms, this service “offers more features than most of its for-pay competitors,” according to PCMag.


Of course, passwords are the main focus. LogMeOnce can store unlimited logins and autofill your details, with quick single sign-on and two-factor authentication. If you don’t want to type out a master password, the app will just ask you to verify a selfie on two devices or tap in a pin code.

LogMeOnce can also generate new, secure passwords and save your payment details. The app even allows you to share login details with your family and encrypt files with AES to make cloud storage more secure.

Normally worth $30, one-year subscriptions are now only $9.99.


LogMeOnce Password Manager: Professional Plus Plan – $9.99

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