What configurations of the MacBook Air (2022) are available?

What configurations of the MacBook Air (2022) are available?

Apple introduced a refreshed version of the MacBook Air for 2022 during its WWDC keynote on June 6th. This new version is the first time the MacBook is being redesigned from the ground up since 2018. In addition to the new design, though, there’s also the new Apple M2 chipset inside, making this an even more powerful laptop than its predecessor, which was already a powerful laptop for its size. But if you’re interested in buying the new MacBook Air, you probably want to know about the configurations available so you can get something that’s right for you.

We’re here to help, and we’ve rounded up all the available configurations for the new MacBook Air. This new laptop starts at $1,199, and it lives alongside the original M1 model, which is still available for $999 as an entry-level model. If you’re interested in that one, there will only be one configuration officially available going forward, with an 8-core CPU, 7-core GPU, and 8GB of RAM.


But if you’re interested in the new MacBook Air with the M2 chip, here are the configurations available for it:

MacBook Air colors

The first thing we need to mention are the new color options available for the MacBook Air. If you want to check them out up close, we have a  roundup of all the Macbook Air colors you can choose from this year, but to put it simply, there are four: Silver, Space Grey, Starlight (gold), and Midnight (black). The latter two are new additions this year, replacing the old gold model.

MacBook Air (2022): CPU and GPU

Just like with the previous model, while all the configurations come with an Apple M2 chip, Apple has created a couple of configurations of this processor, one of which has limited GPU performance. Here are the options available:

CPU GPU Neural Engine Price
8-core (4 performance, 4 efficient) 8-core 16-core $1,199 (base price)
8-core (4 performance, 4 efficient) 10-core 16-core +$100

The option you choose here will only really affect graphics performance, so if you’re planning to run intensive games on the MacBook Air, or other workloads that can make use of the GPU, then the upgrade might be justified. For most users, though, you’re probably just fine with the base model. If you want the best performance, you may also want to use apps optimized for Apple Silicon since they’ll run the best on these processors.

Unified memory (RAM)

The other big aspect to configure with this model is the RAM, which Apple calls unified memory. This is because the RAM is part of the same chip as the CPU and GPU, and both the CPU and GPU can access it freely as needed. That’s different than traditional PCs, where GPUs have their own memory dedicated to graphics assets.

This year, Apple introduced a new top-tier configuration option of 24GB, and with up to 100GB/s of memory bandwidth. This is a very powerful combination, especially considering the size of this laptop. Here are all the options for this year:

Unified memory (RAM) Price
8GB n/a (base price)
16GB +$200
24GB +$400

More memory means more space for various kinds of assets that need to be loaded quickly. It can help with multi-tasking by keeping multiple apps (or browser tabs) open in the background, but it can also be useful in photo editing apps, where assets can be loaded onto the RAM so you can work with them more quickly. For a true premium experience, we recommend at least 16GB, but 8GB is good enough for basic use.


The final configuration for the internal specs available with the MacBook Air is for storage, and it’s also a relatively straightforward path. You can get up to a 2TB SSD, and the base model starts at 256GB. Of course, each upgrade is more expensive than the last.

Storage (SSD) Price
256GB n/a (base price)
512GB +$200
1TB +$400
2TB +$800

Storage is fairly simple to understand, too. The more of it you have, the more files you can keep and the more apps you can install in one go. It’s up to you how much storage you need, and it’s fair to say that 2TB is far more than most people need.

MacBook Air charger

While it’s not inherently part of the MacBook Air itself, you do have the option to choose a few different chargers for your laptop when you configure it on Apple’s website. If you’re buying from a different retailer, the options may vary. There are some quirks to this, though, because depending on the configurations above, a different charger may be included by default. Let’s break it down:

Power adapter Price Notes
30W USB-C power adapter n/a (base price) Included with base models
35W dual-port USB-C power adapter +$20 Included by default if configured with Apple M2 with 10-core GPU and 512GB of storage.
67W USB-C power adapter (fast charger) +$20 Not included by default

And that’s all you need to know about the configurations available for the 2022 MacBook Air. If you’re looking to upgrade all of these options, you’ll be paying a maximum of $2,499, which is a hefty price tag, though you do get a great laptop that way. Anything not mentioned here isn’t configurable, so things like the display are the same across all configurations. Of course, Apple also tries to sell you some software if you’re buying directly on its online store, but it’s completely optional.

If you’re interested in buying the 2022 MacBook Air, you can do it below- when it launches, that is. The laptop is set to be available in July, so at writing time, you still need to wait a little longer. With the increased power and new design, this is promising to be one of the best Macs yet. You can use the link below to check it out while you wait for it to be available, or find additional configurations on Apple’s website.

    The 2022 MacBook Air is powered by the new Apple M2 chip, plus it has a new taller display and an all-new design.

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