Google is Rumored to Launch a “Made for Google” Certification Program

Google is Rumored to Launch a “Made for Google” Certification Program

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For years, Google never really did much in the hardware space but the company hit a grand slam when it came to the Chromecast. They’ve sold tens of millions of units so far and it has helped them form the new hardware division that is inside the company right now. As they’ve grown this division, it’s naturally to see that there will be more accessories as well, but a new rumor shows they will be launching a Made for Google program for certified accessories from 3rd-party companies.

Sure, Google has been selling Nexus devices for years and while the did have some say in the hardware development, they weren’t as hands-on as they had liked to be. Even programs like the Google Play Edition devices ended up being terminated, but with the launch of the Google Pixel, Google Home, and Daydream View, the company has ramped up their interest in the hardware market. They’ve gone around and hired some key talent throughout this process and picked up a ton more with the latest deal with HTC.

This year we’ve been hearing about the Bisto devices from Google and now we know that they are a new product category for smart/connected headphones with Google Assistant built into them. It just makes sense that Google would want to dive into the accessory market and there’s even a rumor that says the new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL will come with a pair of earbuds. These devices benefit from an extensive accessory ecosystem though so this rumor about a Made for Google certification program fits in perfectly.

While specific details are scarce right now, it’s assumed that it will be similar to Apple’s Made with i program. This will allow for customers to be confident in the quality of the accessory that they’re buying for a specific Google device. Since there is still an issue over USB Type-C accessories being compliant or not, this should make things a lot easier for any customer looking for certified products.

Source: 9to5Google