Google Unveils “Made for Google” Certified Accessory Program with 25 Partners at Launch

Google Unveils “Made for Google” Certified Accessory Program with 25 Partners at Launch

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During the months leading up to the October 4th launch event by Google, we learned about a lot of hardware from the company’s new hardware division. Most people are paying attention to product like the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, while others are looking for the more affordable Google Home Mini. During this lead up though we heard a rumor about a program for accessory makers and today the company officially announced the Made for Google accessory certification program.

You can compare this Made for Google certification program to others that we are familiar with (including Apple’s with i program). The company isn’t afraid of launching their own accessories for their smartphones, tablets, and laptops, but they understand how much value an extensive accessory ecosystem can bring. They also understand that it can be confusing as a customer to look for accessories for products and then find out it doesn’t live up to the standards that some would expect.

This is a huge deal with the budding USB Type-C ecosystem where it can still be difficult to find a cable that has been certified properly. A seller (or reseller) can even claim a product has been certified or even include certification labels on the product itself. That doesn’t mean it has gone through the proper testing though and this is where the Made for Google accessory certification program comes into play.

This new certification program will include products such as USB Type-C earbuds, power adapters, cables, cases, headphones and so much more. They have announced the certification program is launching with 25 partners including Incipio, Belkin, dbrand, Anker, Griffin and more. Below you’ll find a direct link to Google’s new accessory landing page where you’ll find both 1st-party as well as 3rd-party accessories listed which are compatible with their current products.

Source: Google Store