Google’s Magic Eraser can now change object colors

Google’s Magic Eraser can now change object colors

Google’s Magic Eraser is quite.. magical. For those unfamiliar with this feature, the company first released it as a Pixel 6 exclusive. It allows users to edit out people and objects from shots in the Google Photos apps. Thanks to the company’s unrivaled machine learning (ML) models, we now don’t have to post photobombed shots online or spend too much time and effort manually editing them. Through Magic Eraser, anyone can just swipe on the unwanted person or object, and they’ll simply disappear. The background extends over them, and you can pretend they never existed.

During its main keynote of Google I/O 2022, the company announced that the Magic Eraser is getting an update. The new version of this feature will be capable of changing the colors of objects — rather than just wiping them out. This way if there’s a distracting item next to you and you’d rather not edit it out, you can just switch its color to a more subtle one. The color swap addition works as you’d expect it to — by swiping on the desired object. The demoed version swapped out a green cooler on the beach with a light brown one, which better suits the sandy environment. This way the people in the shot get most of the attention, rather than the popping green cooler. The company states:


We’ve enhanced Magic Eraser so you can also change the color of distracting objects in your photo. In just a few taps, the object’s colors and shading blend in naturally. So the focus is on the subjects — where it should be.

The Alphabet-owned corporation made the announcement during the Pixel 6a’s reveal. This budget Google phone will be available for $449, and it will include many of the features that the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro pack. You will be able to pre-order it starting July 21, and it will obviously support the upgraded Magic Eraser in Google Photos.

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