[Update: v13.1 Released] Magisk Version 13 Coming Soon to Stable Branch

[Update: v13.1 Released] Magisk Version 13 Coming Soon to Stable Branch

After more than a month of testing as a beta, XDA Recognized Contributor and Developer topjohnwu‘s Magisk v13 is on its way to the stable branch. The stable v13 release will bring with itself Android O compatibility, a unified binary as well as a host of bug fixes and improvements from all the prior betas.

As topjohnwu mentions in his forum post, the new stable version of Magisk will go live in a few hours. As a result, the beta thread for Magisk has now been closed as it is no longer required. The thread will open when the next beta arrives, but until then, the thread for the stable release will continue on as the main thread.


The official and complete changelog for the newest version has not yet been posted, but we can follow along the changes that took place in prior betas. The main highlight is compatibility with the newest version of Android O, along with the merging of MagiskSU, magiskhide, resetprop and magiskpolicy into one unified binary. There is now support for addon.d survival, and magiskhide should also be enabled by default. Magisk v13 will also need the latest Magisk Manager app which supports the new Magisk unified binary and also has an added basic integrity check for SafetyNet.

Since Magisk Manager is no longer available on the Google Play Store, you will need to head on over to the forum thread to grab the latest version. Alternatively, you can also install MagiskManager through our very own XDA Labs. We will append the complete changelog here as soon as it is available, so stay tuned or keep an eye on the forums!


The stable branch gets the version 13.1 as its newest release. Due to the massive differences between v12.0 and v13.x+, a lot of things are no longer backwards compatible. Staying on an old release will cause you to miss out on a ton of fixes and improvements.

This update also brings with it the new Magisk Module Template v4, which in turn brings proper Android O handling and many flashing fixes. The commands in the flash script are now greatly reduced as only the essentials and function calls remain. The script now relies on a proper Magisk v13.1 installation as busybox is no longer bundled. As a result of this and other changes mentioned in the update post, Magisk Modules are no longer flashable in custom recoveries without /data access, so you will need a proper configured recovery with /data access or will have to flash within Magisk Manager itself. A future release of the Manager will filter out modules on the repo with template version lower than v4, so developers are requested to update their modules soon!

Here is the official changelog for Magisk v13.1:

  • [General] Merge MagiskSU, magiskhide, resetprop, magiskpolicy into one binary
  • [General] Add Android O support (tested on DP3)
  • [General] Dynamic link libselinux.so, libsqlite.so from system to greatly reduce binary size
  • [General] Remove bundled busybox because it casues a lot of issues
  • [General] Unlock all block devices for read-write support instead of emmc only (just figured not all devices uses emmc lol)
  • [Scripts] Run all ext4 image operations through magisk binary in flash scripts
  • [Scripts] Updated scripts to use magisk native commands to increase compatibility
  • [Scripts] Add addon.d survival support
  • [Scripts] Introduce util_functions.sh, used as a global shell script function source for all kinds of installation
  • [MagiskBoot] Moved boot patch logic into magiskboot binary
  • [MagiskSU] Does not fork new process for each request, add new threads instead
  • [MagiskSU] Added multiuser support
  • [MagiskSU] Introduce new timeout queue mechanism, prevent performance hit with poorly written su apps
  • [MagiskSU] Multiple settings moved from prop detection to database
  • [MagiskSU] Add namespace mode option support
  • [MagiskSU] Add master-mount option
  • [resetprop] Updated to latest AOSP upstream, support props from 5.0 to Android O
  • [resetprop] Renamed all functions to prevent calling functions from external libc
  • [magiskpolicy] Updated libsepol from official SELinux repo
  • [magiskpolicy] Added xperm patching support (in order to make Android O work properly)
  • [magiskpolicy] Updated rules for Android O, and Liveboot support
  • [MagiskHide] Remove pseudo permissive mode, directly hide permissive status instead
  • [MagiskHide] Remove unreliable list file monitor, change to daemon request mode
  • [MagiskHide] MagiskHide is now enabled by default
  • [MagiskHide] Update unmount policies, passes CTS in SafetyNet!
  • [MagiskHide] Add more props for hiding
  • [MagiskHide] Remove background magiskhide daemon, spawn short life process for unmounting purpose
  • [Magic Mount] Ditched shell script based mounting, use proper C program to parse and mount files. Speed is SIGNIFICANTLY improved

Here is the official changelog for Magisk Manager:

  • v5.0.4
    • Fix bug in su timeout
  • v5.0.3
    • Fix FC on boot on Android O
    • Adapt to Android O broadcast limitations: re-authenticate app when update is disabled on Android O
  • v5.0.2
    • Rewrite zip signing part, zips downloaded from repo will be properly signed and adjusted for custom recoveries
  • v5.0.1
    • Add namespace mode options
    • Fix a bug in Manager OTA system
  • v5.0.0
    • Support the new Magisk unified binary
    • Properly handle application install / uninstall root management issues
    • Add multiuser mode support
    • Add application upgrade re-authentication feature
    • Add basic integrity check for SafetyNet
    • Merged install fragment and status fragment into Magisk fragment
    • Fix theme switching glitch
    • Update translations

Have you installed the latest version? Let us know your experience in the comments below!

Check out Magisk in our Community Apps forum! Download Magisk Manager via XDA Labs!

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