Magisk v16.4 Released with Improved MagiskHide & Android P Support, and More

Magisk v16.4 Released with Improved MagiskHide & Android P Support, and More

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When it comes to rooting solutions on Android, there’s not a lot that can beat Magisk. Capable of bypassing SafetyNet detection while being lightweight and open source, it’s the root solution of choice for most users on our forums. It even has frequent updates which bring better support and more features—despite the fact that XDA Recognised Developer/Recognized Contributor topjohnwu is currently serving mandatory military service in Taiwan. Magisk v16.4 has launched, and with it brings a number of improvements such as greater Android P support and MagiskHide improvements.

In recent times it seemed that application developers had learned to circumvent MagiskHide simply by running their root detection under another service. With Magisk v16.4, MagiskHide now correctly handles these cases and will also hide the current root status of the device to these services. Applications such As Pokemon Go employed this technique with the Pokemon Go+, the physical companion for the game. Users found that their Go+ would disconnect from their phone as the Go+ Bluetooth service would close when it detected root. It ran under the Pokemon Go package name, but was its own service that also detected root.

Another major addition is the inclusion of a more complete Android P support. Previously, you could use Magisk on Android P, but there were still a number of issues that needed to be ironed out. The main fix here is in the Magisk Manager installation on Android P, along with generic fixes in MagiskPolicy for AOSP which will prevent some system conflicts. In terms of updates to Magisk Manager, really there’s just a few crash fixes and Android 7.1+ app shortcuts.

If you want to read the full changelog, simply go to the link down below. You can also download the update from the same thread, or if you have Magisk already installed you can update it through the Magisk Manager application.

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