Magisk 19.3 improves process monitoring in MagiskHide as Magisk Manager 7.2.0 gets a UI update

Magisk 19.3 improves process monitoring in MagiskHide as Magisk Manager 7.2.0 gets a UI update

At this point, I’m certain that most of you have at least heard of Magisk. It is a rooting solution by XDA Recognized Developer topjohnwu. The method works without touching the system partition, so updating the software and unrooting the device is a seamless process. The developer is always active and working hard to perfect the rooting solution. Just now he published the new versions of both the solution and the Magisk Manager application. The changelog is subtle yet very important, so let’s dive into it.

First and probably the most important thing is that MagiskHide now has a better process monitoring system. This fixes efficiency problems, meaning that the CPU will not be working at 100% during the process. Daemon crashes are less likely to happen too. This one under the hood change should improve the behind the scenes processes drastically. MagiskInit’s overhaul is also present, which fixes bootloops on many devices. Magisk 19.3 also includes support for Huawei’s new Android-oriented file system, Extendable Read-Only File System or EROFS in short. This will improve compatibility on EMUI 9.1 based Android systems, so mostly Huawei and Honor devices with the latest firmware.


Magisk Manager got updated, too. Version 7.2.0 features a few user interface tweaks (above). If you missed it, the developer of Magisk announced about a month ago that a new developer would be working on Magisk Manager to improve the UI and overall functionality of the app. It looks like he’s been hard at work to perfect the application. John Wu also promises more changes to the app in the future.

Magisk v19.3 and Magisk Manager v7.2.0 Changelogs

  • Magisk v19.3
    • [MagiskHide] Hugely improve process monitor implementation, hopefully should no longer cause 100% CPU and daemon crashes
    • [MagiskInit] Wait for partitions to be ready for early mount, should fix bootloops on a handful of devices
    • [MagiskInit] Support EROFS used in EMUI 9.1
    • [MagiskSU] Properly implement mount namespace isolation
    • [MagiskBoot] Proper checksum calculation for header v2
  • Magisk Manager v7.2.0
    • Huge UI overhaul
    • More sweet changes coming in the future!

You can navigate to this thread to download both of them and flash/install Magisk’s rooting solution and the manager application. Make sure to look for instructions and compatibility notes in the thread.

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