Magisk v25.2 marks the beginning of the project’s Rust-ification

Magisk v25.2 marks the beginning of the project’s Rust-ification

Back in 2021, we saw the first baby steps toward the adoption of the memory-managed Rust programming language into the Android codebase. John Wu, aka XDA Senior Recognized Developer topjohnwu, has apparently been thinking along the same lines for the Magisk Project. As per Wu, the experimentation had already begun after releasing the v25.0 build of Magisk via stable channel. Now, topjohnwu has rolled out a new stable build of Magisk in the form of v25.2, with the whole logging infrastructure transitioned to Rust.

A majority of Magisk’s low level components are written in C++. However, as a nonmemory-managed language, it opens the programmer up to memory leaks and buffer overflows. Rust, on the other hand, provides the raw speed, flexibility, and most of the direct mapping to hardware functionality that C++ would while offering a memory-safe environment. Although we don’t expect to see a full implementation of Magisk in Rust anytime soon, this early work on integrating Rust code into the project’s logging infrastructure is likely to be very important.


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Notably, an intermediate v25.1 build came out just twelve days after the v25 release went live, but it was a minor bug-fix update. The latest stable release of Magisk, however, is a full-fledged maintenance update that also features a number of MagiskInit-related improvements.

Below you can find the complete changelog for Magisk v25.2:

  • [MagiskInit] Fix a potential issue when stub cpio is used
  • [MagiskInit] Fix reboot to recovery when stub cpio is used
  • [MagiskInit] Fix sepolicy.rules symlink for rootfs devices
  • [General] Better data encryption detection
  • [General] Move the whole logging infrastructure into Rust

If you want to check out the v25.2 release in full detail, go ahead and download it to your device right now from the link below. In case you happen to run into any problems with the latest build, make sure to file a bug report on the “Issues” section of the project’s GitHub repository.

Download Magisk v25.2

Source: John Wu on Twitter

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