Magisk Beta v13.5 Update Adds Busybox for Internal Use, Samsung Kernel Workarounds and More

Magisk Beta v13.5 Update Adds Busybox for Internal Use, Samsung Kernel Workarounds and More

Last month we saw XDA Recognized Contributor and Developer topjohnwu release a new stable update of Magisk. This was version 13.3 which allowed it to bypass Google’s latest SafetyNet restrictions and added a scrolling log screen feature to Magisk Manager. Since then, a lot of work has gone into the new beta update and this is available to the public right now. This new beta update was released on August 12, and focuses on improving stability and compatibility for devices.

The biggest change involves Busybox, which topjohnwu had previously taken out of Magisk. This was done because it was causing issues and it was a lot of work for the developer to build. However, since its removal, there have been a number of compatibility issues crop up. Having a reliable and feature packed command-line tool makes fixing these issues much easier so work has been done to bring Busybox back into Magisk with this v13.5 beta update.


To help integrate Busybox’s sources into Magisk, the developer created ndk-busybox-kitchen to automatically handle the generation of config-based headers, parse those files into to support building with ndk-build command. It’s noted that this change means Busybox is installed for internal use only, and that you’ll want to install it manually or through XDA Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor osm0sis‘ Busybox Magisk Module through the repo.

Some work was done in this beta update that includes a few workarounds in regards to Samsung’s stock kernel. This comes with an update to the Magisk Module Template (now at version 5 that is live on another branch), but module devs should considered it to be a developer preview since modules using it will not install on users running the latest stable version (v13.3). Speaking of version v13.3, that update had a bug which is fixed in version 13.5 beta that prevented the SHA1 of the stock image from being acquired.

Because of that bug, stock image restoration (which is triggered when you uninstall it) fails, and will only revert your device by ramdisk backups.

Check out the new beta update in our Magisk forum

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