Magisk Manager gets a dramatically redesigned UI in the latest Canary update

Magisk Manager gets a dramatically redesigned UI in the latest Canary update

As of 2020, Magisk is the most popular and recommended rooting solution for hundreds of devices. A big part of its success comes from the developer’s activity and consistency of quality updates. Canary, Beta, and eventually Stable channels of Magisk often get updated with exciting new features and better support. The rooting solution’s front-end client, Magisk Manager, also sees improvements from time to time. For example, topjohnwu just announced that its next version will feature a drastically redesigned user interface.

The developer published a one minute video of the new UI, created by XDA Junior Member diareuse, on Twitter. It goes without saying that we will see a more refined version of this interface in the stable version of Magisk Manager. As you can see in the video below, the app now has a lot more icons and colors to go with them. The first screen of the app shows all the basic information like Android and Magisk versions and some donation options. You can switch between activities from the navigation bar at the bottom part of the app. The Superuser section includes MagiskHide options and SafetyNet status. The latter was previously displayed on the first page just below the Magisk and Magisk Manager versions. The third tab in the navbar is for Modules.


Now, even though I think that Magisk Manager is in dire need of a redesign, I have some complaints about the new UI. For example, in the main activity, actually informative stuff like package names and version numbers only take about half of the available width, which is not enough in some cases. I also don’t like the idea of making a separate screen for SafetyNet status. Nevertheless, I always welcome implementing modern design principles in useful apps. There are some customizations options such as the ability to change the grid column size and the main theme color, though.

You can download Magisk Manager Canary with a new UI from the thread linked below.

Magisk Manager Canary Thread

Here’s a screenshot gallery showing off most parts of the new UI:

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