Magisk Manager gets a revamped UI in the Canary channel

Magisk Manager gets a revamped UI in the Canary channel

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Magisk Manager is one of the most popular Android apps of all time on our forums. Magisk is an open source, systemless rooting solution, and it’s most popular for its ability to hide root access from apps that use the SafetyNet Attestation API. Through the Magisk Manager app, users have access to dozens of modules from independent developers to customize their devices. The manager app also lets the user choose which apps to hide root access from, check whether their device is flagged by the SafetyNet Attestation API, install the latest Magisk, and more. XDA Recognized Developer topjohnwu updates the app quite often and recently he released a new version on the Canary channel with a revamped UI.

The home page now categorizes updates and advanced settings, so they’re easier to interact with. You can also see a Magisk Manager logo at the top and social links at the bottom for following and/or supporting the project/developer. Other than these obvious updates, @topjohnwu also mentions that there are “tons of small improvements for better user experience.” You can see some screenshots below of the new app version. The first one is of the old version, while the second and third screenshots are from the latest Canary build.

We don’t know when the build will move to the beta or stable channel. We’ve seen other app developers tinker with the design a bit, including one that brings a more modern Google Material Theme-inspired design, but those haven’t made their way to the official app yet. It’s possible the design will see further tweaks before making its way over to the stable channel.

As its name suggests, the Canary channel build is very experimental. You can download the APK from the thread linked below, but we recommend you don’t install the latest Magisk version unless you’re comfortable with debugging and providing feedback to the developer.

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