Magisk mod adds Gboard themes like the Poco F1, iOS, Razer, Windows, and more

Magisk mod adds Gboard themes like the Poco F1, iOS, Razer, Windows, and more

The renaming of Google Keyboard to Gboard confused a lot of us within the community. We see Google use their name to brand so many different services (Google Search, Google Maps, Google Pay, etc.) that the Google Keyboard name just made sense. The app was renamed to Gboard and released on iOS in May 2016, but the Android release was delayed until December of that same year. The application comes with a predetermined set of themes, which are essentially different color variations, but now a Magisk Module can actually make the keyboard look like the keyboards used on the Poco F1, Razer Phone, and more.


I have been a SwiftKey fan since the Nexus 4 days as it was the only keyboard that could actually understand the typos I was making when typing quickly. A couple of weeks ago I tried out Gboard, and while it does take some time getting used to a new keyboard after using another one for so many years, it has been a better experience for me.

There are some features that I would like to see added to Gboard that I had gotten used to with SwiftKey and themes is one of them. The themes available are very limited and seem to be more focused on color variations than anything else. However, XDA Senior Member RKBD recently released a Magisk Module for Gboard users which adds a whole bunch of themes to the application. These themes are made to make Gboard look like popular keyboard applications from other devices. So far, the options in this Magisk Module include:

  • Ported theme from POCO F1 / MIUI global
  • Amoled Razer like (red, pink, green), white, fuschia by RKBD
  • Ported theme from Veu theme by XDA Senior Member Arz Bhatia
  • Windows like theme
  • iOS like theme
  • and more.

There are two download links available in the XDA thread linked below (Google Drive and MediaFire), so be sure to check them out if you’re a Gboard user with Magisk installed and are also looking for a theme that isn’t offered in the official application.

Check out these Gboard themes in our Magisk forum

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