Magisk Module enables Camera during call, Call Recording, AppLock, and more on Samsung Galaxy S20

Magisk Module enables Camera during call, Call Recording, AppLock, and more on Samsung Galaxy S20

OEM Android skins, such as Xiaomi’s MIUI or OnePlus’ OxygenOS, often feature multiple regional variants. While a few region-exclusive services can be controlled from the server side, some manufacturers prefer to ship a complete set of features inside the firmware, with selective access to regional features being controlled via hidden parameters that are not visible to regular users. In the case of Samsung, they define those features via their Consumer Software Customization file (CSC). Fiddling with the CSC is not everyone’s cup of tea, so XDA Senior Member Orphee has come up with an interesting Magisk Module named Decoded_CSC_Features_Files for the Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup that can unlock a bunch of features that are not otherwise available in certain regions.


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As you may expect, this mod requires having an unlocked bootloader, thus it can only be installed on Exynos-powered variants of the Samsung Galaxy S20. The latest Canary version of Magisk is capable of patching the boot image of this phone, and the procedure is fairly similar to the Galaxy S10 rooting guide. Once you have Magisk up and ready, flashing the Decoded_CSC_Features_Files module can unlock the following features:

  • Disable shutter sound menu
  • Enable AppLock Protection menu
  • Enable real-time network speed
  • Enable camera during call
  • Enable call recording (regular voice calls only)
  • Data usage view on the quick panel
  • Block call number menu
  • Enable eSIM support

This module is based on work by XDA Senior Member m8980, but Orphee has further expanded upon it by adding numerous other features, such as support for eSIM. The package is compatible with the latest official firmware for the Galaxy S20 series (G98xFXXU1ATCT) and should work with future software revisions with little to no modification. The operator software version might be changed to “G981B” after installing this mod, but this is a harmless side-effect and can be ignored.

Download Decoded_CSC_Features_Files Magisk Module — XDA Thread

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