This Magisk Module offers a lot of LG UX tweaks for the LG V30

This Magisk Module offers a lot of LG UX tweaks for the LG V30

Magisk Modules are a simple way to apply system-level mods to your device without having to get your hands dirty and make changes to your system files manually. All you have to do is download the module, activate it through the Magisk Manager application, and then reboot your device for the changes to go into effect. Most modules focus on adding one feature or changing one thing on your device but there are some that include a collection of mods for a specific device or firmware.

“AnxiousV30” from XDA Senior Member TotallyAnxious falls into that latter category and includes a lot of various tweaks and mods for LG V30 ThinQ owners. Here’s a breakdown of what is bundled in this Magisk Module:



  • Direct Share
  • Various UI Sounds


  • All Lockscreen Weather Animations
  • Android Pie Emoji & Roboto
  • Anxious Kernel Script
  • DTS:X (might be model specific)
  • Dual Speaker Mod for US998/VS996 (maybe more models)
  • ESS DAC for Low Impedance Headphones/AUX
  • G7 Camera Features (G7 Camera App, Google Lens, Super Bright Mode, Updated AI, and Filter Data)
  • Google Phone
  • Google Sans
  • Sunshower as Default Alarm
  • The big adventure as Default Ringtone
  • US GPS Config
  • YouTube Vanced (Black)

The module is currently at v170 with v160 having only been tested on the 20g ROM for the VS996 while v150 and below were tested on the 20e ROM for the US998 LG V30 ThinQ.

Download AnxiousV30 from the LG V30 ThinQ Forums

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