The Best Magisk Modules

The Best Magisk Modules

Magisk is one of the most popular Android modification tools right now. The “systemless” approach allows users to root their devices and install mods without triggering Google SafetyNet. Magisk includes the ability to install “Modules” that can apply a plethora of customizations. It’s similar to Xposed Framework, but with a few key differencesAfter you install Magisk you’ll want to grab a few Modules to get started. This list highlights a few of our favorites.

Android Mic Fix

If you flash a lot of ROMs or firmware, you may have run into issues with mic quality. This is a fairly common side-effect of custom software. The culprit is usually the build.prop file. Android Mic Fix is a module that fixes the low volume and “Ok Google” detection issues a lot of people experience.

App Systemizer

App Systemiszer allows you to install 3rd-party apps as system apps. This means the apps and all the included settings will be retained ever after uninstalling Magisk.

ART Optimization

ART (Android Runtime) replaced Dalvik as the new virtual machine when it was introduced in Android Lollipop. It performs much better than the latter for compiling apps. This module basically configures ART Optimization to reduce the annoying “Optimizing Apps” screen.


Remember Google’s beloved Blob emoji? These fan-favorite emoji were replaced and redesigned in Android Oreo. Through the magic of Magisk, you can get the blob emoji back with this simple module. The module is updated frequently to convert new emoji to the blob style.

CrossBreeder Lite

CrossBreeder Lite is a group of optimizations to improve performance and battery life. It can reduce stutter and lag on some devices, increase entropy levels, and squeeze extra battery life out.

Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos technology has been integrated into a few devices, but not nearly enough. This module adds Dolby Atmos sound enhancements to just about any device. Audiophiles will love the improved sound quality and all the options available in the mod.


Greenify is a very popular app for saving battery life. This module adds even more tools and it turns Greenify into a ROM-integrated app so you can get even better hibernating performance.

Pixel 2 Experience

Do you wish your phone was a little more like the Pixel 2? This module is a compilation of Pixel 2 mods. It includes Pixel Launcher icons, audio files, system accent theme, Camera2API support, Google Lens, Google Wallpapers app, and more.

Tethering Enabler

Tethering Enabler is a simple module that does exactly what the name implies. It allows devices that have had tethering disabled by the manufacturer to tether. It works over Wi-Fi and USB connection.


Dolby Atmos is a great starter module for audiophiles, but Viper4Android is even more feature-full. It allows users to customize the sound from speakers, Bluetooth outputs, and handset audio performance. Users can even increase the max volume to get a little boost.

WiFi Bonding

This module attempts to use multip Wi-Fi channels at once to get higher data transfer speeds. Each Wi-Fi frequency has a bunch of different channels, but your router only connects to one. WiFi Bonding widens the range of a channel to improve your connection.

Xposed Framework

The name “Xposed” is pretty popular in the Android world. Xposed is a very popular modding tool that was created long before Magisk existed. Using Xposed as a Magisk module allows it to be systemless and not interfere with Google SafetyNet. Using Xposed outside of Magisk will break apps like Google Pay, but still, allow you to use the library or mods.