Magisk Receives an Update to V9, Prepares Itself for MultiROM Support

Magisk Receives an Update to V9, Prepares Itself for MultiROM Support

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XDA Recognized Developer and Contributor, topjohnwu, is well known for his modification, Magisk. Magisk lets you apply certain root modifications to your phone or tablet, and then unmount those changes when you want to do something like check for an OTA update, or use Android Pay (both of which cannot be done when you have modified the /system partition). Magisk has been receiving steady updates since launch, and yesterday Version 9 of the mod was released.

There are a lot of changes going on with this latest version, even if you don’t see most of them on the surface. topjohnwu tells us that this update is laying the ground work for version 10, which should bring a much-awaited feature to Magisk: MultiROM support. To start off, this new update brings an end to cache (aka post-fs) modules for Magisk. topjohnwu says this is the biggest change as one of the biggest advantages to Magisk was the ability to mount files before data and build.prop.

With this update, Magisk will actually remove all of the cache modules you have installed under /cache/magisk. Users will also no longer see cache modules when using Magisk Manager 2.5, so developers will have to update their modules to the new system. Thankfully, there is a new system in place that topjohnwu is using instead of the previously mentioned cache method. This new tool is called resetprop, and was originally called xsetprop as it was initially developed by XDA Recognized Developer and Contributor nkk71 as a way to bypass SafetyNet.

Version 9 also greatly improves Magisk Hide, which includes another way to bypass SafetyNet. topjohnwu advises that you update phh superuser to version r266-2 or higher, as older versions will not work with Version 9 (so you’ll want to update phh superuser before updating Magisk). We also get an update on Magisk’s progress for the Pixel and Pixel XL. The developer is unsure if they want to use Chainfire‘s closed source solution, but they would love to try and figure out an open source way of doing this.

Be sure to check the XDA forum link to look over the full list of changes going into Version 9!