Magisk v13.0 Beta Available to Test, Brings Unified Binary, Manual Injection And More

Magisk v13.0 Beta Available to Test, Brings Unified Binary, Manual Injection And More

Three weeks ago, XDA Recognized Developer and Contributor topjohnwu announced, that Magisk v13.0 will be re-written to have a unified binary. After weeks of coding and debugging, the beta version of the project is finally available to test.

Earlier this month Magisk Manager has been removed from Google Play. The project is now hosted on XDA Labs if you wish to pick it up, but traditional forum downloads work just fine. The Play Store fiasco did not stop topjohnwu from releasing a new test version of his highly regarded project, though.

As announced earlier, the latest beta comes with a unified binary. The binary itself can be used as resetprop, su, magiskpolicy, magiskhide. All operations are now running in the same unified daemon. Merging the scattered binaries into one should improve the communication between them and make the app much more responsive.


The unified binary is not the only new feature, as the new beta brings other improvements worth mentioning. Starting on v13.0 Magisk will allow patching a boot image on the Android device without root and custom recovery. The news about manual injection should please some developers, as achieving root should now be much easier. Topjohnwu is planning to release the patch soon, as well as post instructions. Once released will find its way to the stable version of the Magisk Manager.

MagiskSU has also been updated. The new version comes with multiuser support, re-authentication support, and bug fixes to stability and performance. Unfortunately, there are some bad news too. In this release, SuperSU compatibility has been temporarily dropped. The developer says that this is not a move against SuperSU and plans to offer a viable solution. Those users who don’t plan to switch their root application should hold their breath for a moment.

If you want to test the new features, you should visit the newly created thread for beta releases. Keep in mind that beta versions of any app may not be fully bug-free. You can also get a stable release of Magisk v12.0 through XDA Labs.

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