Magisk v13.3 is Now Available, Bypasses Google’s Latest SafetyNet Protections

Magisk v13.3 is Now Available, Bypasses Google’s Latest SafetyNet Protections

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As usual, the SafetyNet game continues to go back and forth with the latest activity being from the developer of Magisk. It was only a couple of days ago when we reported on the new SafetyNet update that prevented Magisk v13.2 and lower from bypassing its checks. At the time, there was a temporary fix made available thanks to XDA Senior Member [email protected]. This worked for those who tried it, but it had to be applied each time you booted the phone or tablet.

XDA Recognized Contributor and Developer topjohnwu told us that they were working on an update to Magisk and that it would be able to circumvent this latest SafetyNet update. So yesterday afternoon there was a new update to both Magisk as well as Magisk Manager that applied those new changes. topjohnwu tells us that Google is now targeting system props with its latest update to SafetyNet, so the solution this time around is Resetprop.

With this change, Magisk is now able to parse through all the system props, and it will then remove those that Google doesn’t like. This also means that the Magisk Uninstaller has been updated as it removes all of the persist system props left behind by the previous version of Magisk. topjohnwu says they’ve been working on a number of ways to keep Magisk hidden from new SafetyNet checks. So unless Google does something radical, then the developer should have fixes coming quick after SafetyNet updates.

Another change that happened yesterday was Magisk Manager being updated to version 5.1.0. We’re told that it has had a lot of its code massively rewritten with most of them being under the hood changes. A new visual change though is that when the application updates itself, you’ll get a scrolling log screen to see what the installer did to your device. You can check out a video of this in action down below.


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