Magisk v14.3 Introduces “Invincible Mode” To Ensure Magisk is Always Running

Magisk v14.3 Introduces “Invincible Mode” To Ensure Magisk is Always Running

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Magisk, the acclaimed systemless interface and root solution developed by XDA Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor topjohnwu, has received steady and frequent beta and stable updates during the past few weeks. Version 14.0 brought by support for installing it without a custom recovery, and with v14.1 and v14.2, we got official support for the Google Pixel A/B partitioning scheme, which will help futureproof it as more and more devices adopt said partitioning scheme for seamless updates. Now, with v14.3, further improvements and features are being added to enhance the Magisk experience for users.

Magisk v14.3 adds what the developer calls “Invincible Mode”, which aims to end once and for all root loss issues. As the Magisk daemon is responsible for every part of the interface, a crash could make root stop working altogether until the device was rebooted. When Invincible Mode is enabled, the system will make sure the daemon is working at all times, unconditionally, and rebooting automatically if the daemon is killed/stops working for some reason. The update also includes some under-the-hood changes, like a rewrite in the way Magisk handles logcats.

With this update, the Magisk Manager has also received tons of improvements, modularizing the proprietary components (used for SafetyNet checking) which means that the app is now 100% FOSS and ready to be published on the F-Droid repository. The Manager also now rejects all repositories with template versions lower than 4, in an effort to minimize bootloops caused by outdated modules. If you would like to give the newest release of Magisk a shot, you will be able to find it and install it on your device in the beta thread at our forums. According to the developer, if nothing goes wrong with this release, then it will go to the stable branch during the following days, so stable users should also be on the lookout for an update coming soon to their phones.

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