Magisk v17.2 adds obfuscation for PS4 Remote Play, workaround for Fate/Grand Order, and more

Magisk v17.2 adds obfuscation for PS4 Remote Play, workaround for Fate/Grand Order, and more

Magisk is one of the best ways to root your phone, and not just because it’s one of the only ways to do so on most devices. Magisk makes modifications entirely without modifying the /system partition and aims to bypass detection methods such as SafetyNet. It works extremely well except for a few games such as Fortnite and PS4 Remote Play, but Magisk v17.2 actually adds support for those applications as well! You can check out the full changelog below. Previously, the only way to play these games was to use the canary version of Magisk, which isn’t recommended unless you’re a developer for a number of reasons.


  • [ResetProp] Update to AOSP upstream to support serialized system properties
  • [MagiskInit] Randomize Magisk service names to prevent detection (e.g. FGO)
  • [MagiskSU] New communication scheme to communicate with Magisk Manager

These changes not only ensure that Magisk will remain undetectable, but they also fix a number of issues that cropped up with Android Pie. Most notably, resetprop has been fixed which allows you to make changes to the build.prop systemlessly. One of the most useful benefits of resetprop is that you can change your device’s fingerprint to pass CTS, such as on the OnePlus 6 Android Pie open beta. The Magisk Manager communication method has been entirely rewritten as well, to make it pretty much impossible for applications to detect if it’s present.

The update can be downloaded from the Magisk thread here on XDA (below) and flashed on your device. You will need to update Magisk Manager as the older version is incompatible with the new communication method. It is not built with full obfuscation in order to still work with Magisk v17.1. This update will be useful for those who game on their phone or are on Android Pie.

Download Magisk v17.2

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