Here’s how the major carriers in the U.S. are doing with 5G

Here’s how the major carriers in the U.S. are doing with 5G

5G is all the rage now, with carriers trying to outdo each other using their own individual approaches. Here’s how the big three carriers stack up.

Opensignal shared its latest 5G Experience Report on Thursday, detailing how customers on all three major carriers typically experience 5G across the US.

The Opensignal report states that, in testing between June 14th and September 11th, T-Mobile averages a whopping 118.7 Mbps in download speeds when connected to its 5th generation mobile network. That’s more than double the second-place finisher, Verizon, which managed to achieve a measly (in comparison) 56 Mbps. AT&T scored slightly worse than Verizon at 51.5 Mbps.


T-Mobile again won top marks for upload speed as well, averaging 16.1 Mbps. Verizon placed a close second with 14.4 Mbps and AT&T checked in at 9.7 Mbps. T-Mobile’s network isn’t quite as large a leap over the competition in upload speed.

The Uncarrier also wins in overall availability and reach, with users spending 34.7% of their time on a 5G connection. Verizon users were on a 5G connection 16.4%, while AT&T users only experienced it 9.7% of the time.

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T-Mobile has held a steady lead in coverage and speed since the 5G wars began. It started off with its brand new 600Mhz band to use exclusively for 5G, following up with the mid-band 2.5Ghz it acquired in the Sprint merger. The competition had to reuse their existing bands at first, which gave T-Mobile a head start.

While T-Mobile may have the top speed crown, Verizon won the top spots for “5G Video Experience”, “5G Games Experience”, and “5G Voice Experience”. AT&T took second place in games and voice experience, while T-Mobile scored second in video experience. Opensignal says it quantifies a variety of factors, such as video loading times and buffering, ping/jitter and packet loss, and call quality, to determine an overall score in these categories.

AT&T didn’t win in any category. Previously, it tied Verizon for the best 5G video experience. AT&T actually scored worse this time around in a number of categories, suggesting some sort of network configuration change or other issues with their 5G network.

If you’d like to become part of the statistics and metrics Opensignal uses, you can download the company’s app on the Google Play or the Apple App Store. Be sure to check out our recommendations for the best 5G phones so you can join in on all the fun on the latest generation of mobile network technology.

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