Major Samsung Galaxy S6 Leak

Major Samsung Galaxy S6 Leak



XDA member Reefur has just uploaded some photographs that appear to be of the new Samsung Galaxy S6, that he claims he managed to get directly from AT&T head quarters. The pictures certainly match up to the glimpses in teasers we have been seeing recently and If these pictures are indeed of an S6 this clears up many rumours on what to expect.

The device is running Android 5.0.2. The screen size appears to be 5 inches. There are no forward facing stereo speakers instead they are located on the base. The camera protrudes from the back of the device which is made of glass and is not removable meaning the device does not feature a changeable battery which is supported by previous leaks showing a ribbon cable connection. There also appears to be no MicroSD slot which given the rumours that the device is available in 64Gb and 128Gb would make sense to keep costs down, it is not combined with the Sim tray as previously thought.

Current opinion is that the device is an engineering prototype as indicated by the bar code and the “Not For Sale” label on the back of the device.

You can see his pictures here:

Lock button Back Front

Sim Tray 1

Sim Tray 2

BaseTop  5" screen size142493649200014249365099801424936526750Volume buttons


XDA member Jimmith took the images and tidied them up:

s6_leakcleanup s6_leakcleanup2









You can visit the original thread here and to see a leaked side by side comparison of the S6 and S6 Edge visit Faiz’s article here. Developing …



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