Make Flashable FTF Files from SUS Files for Stock Sony Xperia ROMs

Make Flashable FTF Files from SUS Files for Stock Sony Xperia ROMs

If you have owned a Sony Xperia device, you probably know about the FTF file format. In case you aren’t aware, it’s a flashable ROM file format that can be used to install Android from your computer using FlashTool. Though when it comes to updating your Xperia device using the Sony Update Service (SUS), multiple files in a different format are downloaded to your computer instead. While this may not effect the average users who are only interested in getting the latest OS update on their devices, having access to the FTF file can be a benefit to many of us. It allows us to keep that firmware file readily available for flashing whenever we want without having to use SUS to download it again. It also makes sharing the latest firmware with others a piece of cake. Furthermore, you can also convert FTF files into flashable zip files for quick ROM installation via recovery. That’s why converting these files into a flashable FTF files can come in handy.

So far, there have been methods available for making such FTF files for the 2011 Sony Ericsson Xperia series devices, but none have appeared for the newer Sony Xperia series devices. To address this, XDA Forum Member Deadmask wrote a beginner-friendly guide to walk you through the process of creating a flashable FTF file for any official Sony ROM. The guide has been posted in the Sony Xperia P, U, Sola and Go forum, but should work for other Sony Xperia devices as well.

The process involves flashing the latest firmware on your device via SUS in order to download the required files, grabbing them from their download location on your computer, and then using FlashTool to convert them into FTF files. The complete step-by-step procedure can be found in the forum thread.

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