Make Free Internet Calls on a Whim with Awaaz

Make Free Internet Calls on a Whim with Awaaz

Does anyone still remember the moment when you first discovered that you could make phone calls with the Internet for free? It was like discovering the Internet for the first time when you were young. A few years later, and we see Internet phone calls a staple of our online communications. Whatsapp, Wechat, and Viber all stand testament to how useful and popular these features are.

But choice is a defining element in the Android ecosystem, and in this case, it wouldn’t hurt. If you’re looking for a way to make free Internet calls on your Android device minus the mandatory account registration and login, chunky and laggy user interface, and other baggage, you may want to give Awaaz a go.

Developed by XDA Forum Member kizmat, Awaaz is an app that does exactly what it says it will do: It makes free Internet calls without the baggage. Rather than having an actual user interface that you navigate like the previously mentioned apps, once it’s been run for the first time, every call you make to someone who has Awaaz installed will be made over the Internet via a direct P2P connection.

This will only work if both phones are connected to WiFi, and they don’t have to be on the same network. If the other end isn’t connected to WiFi but has Awaaz installed, a normal call through your mobile network will be made. Additionally, any calls you do make with Awaaz will be logged by your Android device, just like a regular phone call.

Awaaz is definitely a more practical and convenient way to make free internet phone calls with very little compromise in the way you use your device. The app is compatible with any device running Android 3.0 or newer, and is available for free from the Play Store. To find out more, visit the original forum thread for more details.

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