Make Some Noise with WMuVuZelAs

Make Some Noise with WMuVuZelAs

With lots of discussion surrounding the vuvuzela noise at the World Cup, now you too can join in using your Windows Mobile device. XDA forum member Corwin9S has developed WMuVuZelAs for Windows Mobile so that you an enjoy and participate in the noise making!

The interface has a football soccer theme (naturally), where clicking on the ball brings up the options and hitting the red card exits the app.  There are also a choice of four vuvuzela sounds. Optimised for WQVGA devices, but should also work on lower resolution devices.  Compatible with WM6.1, 6.5 and 6.5.3.

WMuVuZelAs is avalilable for free.  To find out where to download the app, take a look at the application thread.

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