Make Your CM11 ROM Look Like Xperia Z3’s Firmware

Make Your CM11 ROM Look Like Xperia Z3’s Firmware

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Unlike some themed firmware by various OEMs, every AOSP ROM looks pretty much the same. Porting applications and features from Sony’s or Samsung’s firmware is difficult but absolutely possible if you know what needs to be done. The Sony Xperia Z3‘s firmware has loads of interesting things that can be used with almost every AOSP ROM.

Sony engineers worked hard to make a firmware which isn’t overly skinned and has lots of features. Thanks to the guide made by XDA Senior Member gamzekal and his teammates you too can learn how to port the Xperia Z3’s elements to an Android KitKat ROM. Gamzekal has taken CyanogenMod 11 as the “working material” but these modifications can work with other CM-based ROMs. Modding apps take lots of time and you will need to read through dozens of guides that have been linked in the thread but you should definitely give it a try, if only for learning purposes.

After completing all of the steps in the guide, you should encounter a few defects which will need to be fixed or replaced by third party applications. The list of flaws won’t be long so you should still be able to use your newly-ported ROM as a daily driver.

You can learn more about “transforming” your phone into an Xperia Z3 by heading over to this thread.