Learn How To Make Your Own Small App

Learn How To Make Your Own Small App

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Floating applications are very popular–not only here at XDA, but in Play Store as well. One of the first OEM that used floating application in its stock firmware was Sony. Small Apps are independent applications that can be used on top of other applications. For example, you can run a small calculator and perform some calculations while browsing a web page. Those apps can be launched from the small apps bar available by pressing the navigation button.

Small App can be developed really easy with Eclipse or any other compatible IDE. Sony even released its own SDK that makes development a bit easier. If you ever wanted to create your own small application, XDA Senior Member Geeks Empire wrote a comprehensive guide showing what needs to be done in order to develop a Small Apps compatible application for Sony devices.

The whole guide contains lots of examples and code samples to help you understand how Small Apps work. It’s a bit different than a standard application, so you need to know how it works first before you are going to sink your teeth into the code.

At the current point, Small Apps can be used with Sony devices only. There is a large group of people using those devices though, so developing your own small application might be a good idea. You can learn more about coding by visiting the Programming for Sony Products forum thread.