Making The Most of Your OnePlus 3/3T’s Display

Making The Most of Your OnePlus 3/3T’s Display

AMOLED displays are well renowned across the industry for their deep inky blacks and battery saving benefits. Many users set up their devices to specifically take advantage of these displays, but what can you really do apart from changing the system UI to black mode via the phone’s display settings? Here are just a few of the best apps and mods to make the most of your OnePlus 3/3T’s display.

Team Black Out

Team Black Out are a dedicated team of app “inverters” who specialise in taking many of the popular apps that we use every day and changing them to predominantly black with white text or transparent allowing you to see your wallpaper while inside the app. TBO provide a simple app that allows you to find and download the apps you need, check for updates and keep up to date with the latest new from the team. The best part is that they also provide detailed instructions on how to invert apps yourself meaning that if you can’t find the app you need, it’s still possible to make it.

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For those of us who would like more control over how individual aspects of our phones look then Substratum is the answer. With a huge collection of themes across both the forums and the Play Store finding AMOLED friendly options is an easy task, although while perusing the options it is important to remember that these displays look best with a true black (#000000) heavy theme but you may want to consider adding some colour to keep your device from appearing bland.

Substratum offers a wide range of customisation options thanks to the ability to apply separate themes to each app or aspect of the system UI meaning that if you are not happy with how one theme handles an app you can simply apply a different theme for that app. In the event that a theme causes a bootloop or other issues that prevent you from accessing the Substratum app then you can simply head to recovery and flash a file that is downloaded along with the app which should disable your themes.

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Both BADLAND (right side of image) and Limbo (left side of image) are incredibly atmospheric games. Stark blacks really stand out on this phone and these games showcase them exceptionally, which coupled with the 3/3T’s black front often leaves a seamless appearance as the games blend into the bezels. Limbo’s free demo is an excellent example of a developer taking advantage of their user’s hardware and it is easy to see then why these games have proven to be so popular on the Play Store.

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You may have heard of this app previously if you were following our coverage of the LG G6 launch. This app places curved black overlays in each corner of your display giving them a nice curved appearance, better yet on the OnePlus 3/3T’s AMOLED display, these overlays are indistinguishable from the black front of the phone leaving a better finish than the actually rounded display on the G6. This app is free however advanced settings and customisations will cost you $0.99.

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App/ROM Specific Options

It can be incredibly useful checking to see if those apps that you use most have integrated theming options. Apps such as Sync for reddit, Solid Explorer, and Textra SMS feature extensive customisation options in the settings allowing users to modify the colours of individual aspects of the UI, usually selecting black as the background colour and white for the text is enough to make an app stand out.

Which mods do you use to make the most out of an AMOLED display? Leave a comment below!

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