Manila Development for Beginners Tutorials

You’d almost forget, with al the talk about Windows Phone 7 and it’s Metro user interface, that for the foreseeable future , most of us are stuck with HTC Sense A.K.A. TouchFlo 3D or Manila.

To say stuck has a to negative ring to it, as it’s still the most favourite user interface for most XDA users. There’s continuously new updates for HTC Sense that are either taken directly from new HTC Rom’s and devices or updates in the form of user modifications like porting Sense to different screens sizes. Besides finding tools on the XDA forums that can help you modify the files used for Sense, there are also great users that document how to do this step by step.

This is the case with user meltwater.¬† He’s been working on a set of tutorials on modifying Manila/Sense/TouchFlo.
So if you’re a graphical artist but found the skinning of Sense can have¬† complicated hurdles, this tutorial should get you in the right direction and clear things up a bit.

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