Marketing Apps/ROMs Through XDA — It Makes More of a Difference Than You’d Think

Marketing Apps/ROMs Through XDA — It Makes More of a Difference Than You’d Think

When it comes to your app no matter how good it is, or how many downloads you have had, marketing your app correctly can only ever help your cause. It isn’t a complicated process and even a few minor things can make a big difference. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.


Posting to the forums is the first way things can go very wrong if you aren’t careful. Think about it from the viewpoint of your users, you see an app that sounds interesting and immediately enter the thread only to find a one-sentence description and a link to that “awesome” file sharing site you discovered years ago and swear by even though no one else has heard of it. Chances are they are leaving the thread straight away, without your app. Presentation and communication are vital to UX even before users open your app.

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Your thread will benefit from including certain things, try to include as many of these as feasible to keep the traffic flowing:

  • Keep your thread title simple
  • App description
  • Screenshots
  • Current build/last updated
  • md5
  • Changelogs
  • Other information/hints & tips
  • The developers involved
  • Your other apps
  • And to top it all off, use a reputable file host! (we recommend sites like Android File Host)

Be sure to upload your apps to XDA Labs as well, this will ensure all your users are up to date and can be found easily by other members and doesn’t have the restrictions placed on uploads like those on the Google Play Store


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As you may have noticed each article here at XDA has the author’s dashing mugshot at the top (see left), a bit about them and links to contact them. For instance, the best way to contact me would be to click the xda button under my image which will take you to my forum account from there you can send me a message. If you think your app is worth an appearance on the portal, then drop your favorite author a message and we promise to check it out, if we like what we see then we will publish it to the portal as a Forum Link or full review. These lead us on nicely to Social Media.

Social Media

Image 098We are very social people! All our content from the portal makes it to our Twitter, Facebook and G+ and the vast majority of it ends up on Reddit, want your app to be seen by millions of people? Make it to the portal and it’ll end up in front of our social followers as well. Interact with other XDA members on social media and you could end up with the Social Contributor title beside your forum username as a way of letting people know you are active on other platforms (see left).

If you want your app to go viral and chances are you do, then social media is your first step, try tagging relevant OEMs when you tweet about it. You would be surprised how many of them are happy to retweet, Sony Xperia Fr is a great example of this as they tweet something from our forums most days. If your content is retweeted you instantly expand your reach to a new but still relevant crowd.

Next time you post an app or update to the forums, try tagging us on Twitter! We love to find new things from the community. Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to drawing a larger crowd to your apps, but don’t stop here, keep trying new things and learning as you go.

How do you market your apps? Leave a comment below!

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