Marvel Future Revolution, a superhero RPG, launches on Android and iOS

Marvel Future Revolution, a superhero RPG, launches on Android and iOS

Netmarble today launched Marvel Future Revolution, its new mobile title starring several of the familiar superheroes. The game is free-to-play (though there are microtransactions), co-op, and features several of the company’s most famous characters. It was soft-launched yesterday, but the game’s service only started this morning.

The game is set within the Marvel multiverse when several dimensions are collapsing into each other. Several heroes are pulled into a shared world where Earth is divided up into several different zones, including Midgardia, New Stark City, Sakaar, and the Hydra Empire. Players will be able to play as Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Storm, Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, and Star-Lord.


Future Revolution is an open-world RPG, in which players can upgrade and customize their characters. There are supposedly hundreds of different costume combinations possible for each hero. Players will also be able to take on several famous Marvel villains, including Thanos, Loki, Red Skull, and Ultron. While it can be played solo, it’s also got co-op options for those who want to defeat the villains with friends.

The game is intended to be console quality, at least, with beautiful graphics and combat that looks like it’ll be on par with some other Marvel games that have been released. Marvel is making an effort to break into the gaming industry, with the recent Square Enix title Marvel’s Avengers and the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy title. There are other Marvel games on mobile, including Netmarble’s own Marvel Future Fight.

However, there is one caveat to the game’s appeal: It has microtransactions. The game’s Play Store page lists in-app purchases as ranging from “$0.99 – $89.99 per item.” We all know that in-app purchases can be ruinous to a game if they’re pushed onto players a little too forcefully. It remains to be seen if Future Revolution can become one of the few great Android games that incorporates them into gameplay smoothly.

MARVEL Future Revolution
Developer: Netmarble
Price: Free

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