Mass Effect Legendary Edition the latest to join Nvidia GeForce Now

Mass Effect Legendary Edition the latest to join Nvidia GeForce Now

It’s Thursday again which for cloud gaming fans means only one thing. Nvidia is back once more with another batch of games joining the GeForce Now catalog. This week’s count sits at 10 with a good mix of titles, including something for cycling fans a few weeks out from the start of the Tour de France.

Perhaps the biggest name on the list this week though is Mass Effect Legendary Edition. It’s one of two EA titles joining GeForce Now this week, with the award-winning It Takes Two coming along for the ride.

Relive the saga of Commander Shepard in the highly acclaimed “Mass Effect” trilogy with Mass Effect Legendary Edition (Steam and Origin). One person is all that stands between humanity and the greatest threat it’s ever faced. With each action controlling the outcome of every mission, every relationship, every battle and even the fate of the galaxy itself, you decide how the story unfolds.

10 new games joining Nvidia GeForce Now this week

Nvidia GeForce Now

It’s not just about EA this week, there are some impressive titles from other publishers in the mix, too. Here’s what makes up this week’s full list of new games:


For those on the top GeForce Now tier, the RTX 3080 subscription, It Takes Two will stream at up to 120 FPS on supported devices, while Mass Effect Legendary Edition can be enjoyed in glorious 4K at 60 FPS. It’s a decent week, too, for newly released games, with a trio of brand new titles being added to the library.

    Any PC, Mac or mobile device can be a high-powered gaming machine thanks to NVIDIA's cloud gaming platform.

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