Massive Google Pixel 6 leak confirms everything we’ve been saying for a while

Massive Google Pixel 6 leak confirms everything we’ve been saying for a while

The Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro are the next set of flagships from Google. The Pixel line as a whole has prioritized the experience over just hardware, so everyone is indeed excited about Google finally bumping up the hardware in all the right ways. While Google will be officially launching the devices on October 19th, a massive new leak has corroborated practically everything we have revealed, along with giving us more information on the upcoming flagship duo.

In the past, we at XDA have brought you several exclusive pieces of information about the Pixel 6 series. We wrote an exclusive report about the likely specifications of the new Tensor chip on the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. This includes the core configurations as per benchmarks as well as some other tidbits like codecs. We also covered an exclusive Google Pixel 6 leak with information directly from the phone itself.  Now, UK-based retailer Carphone Warehouse has accidentally published full marketing pages of the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro, as spotted by @evleaks.


There’s a lot to unpack here. The pages are expansive, so we recommend checking those out if they are still up. If not, we’ll cover some of the major points that hadn’t been confirmed so far.

Kicking things off, the marketing pages confirm that both of the phones come with the long-hyped Magic Eraser function, as we had revealed in our Pixel 6 Camera Features leak. Magic Eraser can be used to remove photobombers and unwanted objects from your photos. The face deblurring feature is also mentioned, now with its marketing name “Face Unblur”. The new Pixels will also be able to take better portraits that capture true skin tones across the spectrum. One of the images also mentions “Learn what’s new with the Pixel Camera, Google Apps, and more” — the choice of words is interesting, as it specifically mentions “Pixel Camera” instead of “Google Camera”.

The phones will also come with an unspecified 50MP primary rear camera, which we had mentioned was the Samsung GN1. The MP count of the other sensors has also been mentioned, and if you want to go beyond and know the exact sensors that are being used, you know where to go.

Next up is charging speed. Google is finally upgrading charging speeds, now maxing out at 30W wired for both the devices, according to the fine print on these pages. Wireless charging speeds are capped at 21W and 23W for the Pixel 6 and Pro respectively, but on the Qi-certified Google Pixel Stand 2nd generation. To get either of these fast charging speeds, you will be needing to make a purchase, as Google will not be shipping a charger in the box. Furthermore, both the new 30W USB-C adapter and the Google pixel Stand 2nd gen will be sold separately. There is also an official translucent case that you can spend money on.

Some other tidbits mentioned on both of the pages is the inclusion of Gorilla Glass Victus and IP68 on both devices. Interestingly, only the Pixel 6 Pro is mentioned to have an LTPO display with a 10Hz – 120Hz variable refresh rate, in line with previous leaks.

Another Pixel 6 Pro exclusive is going to be Face Unlock, which is a feature that is missing on the security-related graphics of the Pixel 6’s Pixel Security app. Note that the front cameras are different on both of the devices, as we had previously mentioned.

Live Translate feature for the Google Pixel 6 series

Thankfully, the other software features mentioned appear to be common across both devices. There are mentions of Live Translate, Live Space widgets with a flight card and running activity, and more. Google is also promising “at least 5 years of updates“, though it does not specify whether this relates to just platform update or platform plus security updates. This longer update cycle is made possible thanks to the control that Google wields over its own Google Tensor processor.

If you look beyond the page, as Nils Ahrensmeier did, you’d also spot mentions of a Bose 700 offer. This lines up with a previous leak which had the Bose 700 included as a pre-order bonus. This in turn adds weight to the leaked starting prices of €649 for the Pixel 6.

There’s no doubt we’ll be hearing even more about the Google Pixel 6 in the coming days. Until then, you can check out some leaked Pixel 6-exclusive “Motif” wallpapers.

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